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  • Astro + Ghost + Tailwind CSS

    Creating a Blog with Astro, Ghost, and Tailwind CSS
  • Semantic Parsing English to GraphQL

    For the last few months I've been eagerly working on building a Natural Language Processing model. I present  Semantic Parsing English-to-GraphQL (SPEGQL). In this post, I'll cover some of the highlights, and include my presentation at OpenAI. Background GraphQL GraphQL is a query language for your API. Recently GraphQL has gained a lot of popularity. Some of the main benefits I'll note are: it represents the API's schema as a graph, nested relations of any depth can be easily queried, it
  • Reflecting on the OpenAI Scholars Program

    The scholars program is coming to an end. Since my next post will detail my final project, I thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect on the scholars program as a whole. I'd like to talk about the goals of the scholars program. Goal of the Scholars Program The goal of the Scholars program [] is to improve diversity in the field at large. This was worked towards by providing stipends and mentorship to individuals from underrepresent
  • First Experiments

    My final project involves taking natural language English prompts and running them through a model to generate corresponding GraphQL queries. This post details the preliminary model experiments and validation strategies I've used the past couple of weeks. Original Plan As you can see in my project proposal document [] , I planned to experiment with a few models including the BART, the vanilla transf
  • Building a Deep Learning Dataset

    My final project for OpenAI is to generate GraphQL queries from natural english prompts. The first project deliverable is to create a GraphQL dataset. This post will detail the process I went through to create that dataset and my reflection of each step. Research & Plan I started doing some preliminary research as I prepared my project proposal. This included researching different tools and resources that I could use to create a dataset. The tools I used are detailed in my project proposal. I
  • Text-to-GraphQL, OpenAI Project Proposal

    The OpenAI scholars program ends with the deliverable of an open source final project. I'll be working on this project from now until the start of July when the program ends. This post will give a brief overview and a link to my proposal for that project. Text-to-GraphQL The core goal of this project is simple. Given a natural english question and a GraphQL schema, give an equivalent GraphQL query. This means that the question and the schema will pass through a model, and that model will retu